Through Blackwell's Glass

Snail, Devil, Moose, Cat

Session 2

The Doctor was stolen away down a dark shaft under the stairs by something horrible. Torri wisely sealed the shaft just after.

The party finds itself in what appears to be an infinite grid of identical bedrooms. In one of the rooms they meet an enormous snail who appears to be dying. He has a devil inside and its trying to get out.

Help the snail not the devil, that's what Benedict decides. When its distracted by Torri with talk about dancing he uses the opportunity to jam a scalpel deep into it's neck and off comes its head. The snail feels much better. It reveals to Torri what the ink covered words are in his book: "Don't take the middle stair unless you want to go outside". Benedict keeps the head.

Into the Parlor they go. Its slowly filling with water. The water is coming from the waterfall on the far wall. The odd part is that the waterfall is a painting. Benedict tries to approach it, but it appears to flow more violently when one gets close. There is a very loud piano in the room, with sheet music.

Colin jumps from chair to chair above the water toward the painting. Despite the wickedly increased flow of water he's safe on the backs of the chairs and manages to pull the painting off the wall and the water stops.

In the connecting room all the animal heads on the walls (and there are many) are having loud conversations with each other. Except for the moose who is crying and blubbering about no one remembering his death day. The penguin tells Torri that he's heard that the moose isn't really dead. She plays the Death Day Song on the piano in the other room and the moose explodes out of the wall and goes running rampant through the bedrooms, thrilled that someone played the song for his death day. He leaves a huge hole in the wall behind him.

Through the hole are five stair cases. Benedict takes the middle stair as per the Snail's suggestion and finds him self in a fully stocked kitchen where he proceeds to prepare a wonderful stew out of the devil's head. Torri finds out some interesting facts about the Heart Queen from the lion and joins Benedict in the kitchen. The room shrinks a little. Torri and Benedict have a wonderful meal. Schmitt joins them and the room shrinks a little, but he soon passes through into the absurdly small dining room. He feels an unpleasant rumbling in his intestines, but he didn't have any of the stew.

Jack and Albert discover that the other stairs all seem to converge on a single exit back to where they started on the cliff. Apparently this is what the wooden sign in the grass was pointing at. Eventually they make it back to the animal head room. Jack finally gets a shred of information from the rabbit head about "false rabbits" moving through the area and Albert blasts the rabbit head with his revolver.

Schmitt finds a huge talking cat on the dining room table. All the landscape paintings on the walls appear to be moving. Theres a trapdoor into a pitch black shaft under the table, similar to the one under the stairs.

Benedict makes a new friend. He and the cat, who's name is Cheshire, seem to be getting along splendidly. Cheshire quite enjoys the stew. And a cup of tea. And the conversation. But the cat has duties to attend to. Cheshire says he'll see Benedict again soon, and he fades away.


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