Through Blackwell's Glass

Session 2 XP

Total for Session 2: 315XP


Devil Abortion: 20XP


Magic waterfall painting: 100XP

Devil's Head: 5XP


Well, I guess he's gone now. (Torry closes the secret panel in the stairs): 25XP

Soups on! (Benedict makes stew out of the devil's head): 100XP

I only care about bunnies. (Jack will also settle for "False" bunnies): 25XP

Bang! (What does it mean when you execute a rabbit that's already dead?): 25XP


Saved a life (Snail feels much better): 10XP

Played all the songs: 5XP

Snail, Devil, Moose, Cat
Session 2

The Doctor was stolen away down a dark shaft under the stairs by something horrible. Torri wisely sealed the shaft just after.

The party finds itself in what appears to be an infinite grid of identical bedrooms. In one of the rooms they meet an enormous snail who appears to be dying. He has a devil inside and its trying to get out.

Help the snail not the devil, that's what Benedict decides. When its distracted by Torri with talk about dancing he uses the opportunity to jam a scalpel deep into it's neck and off comes its head. The snail feels much better. It reveals to Torri what the ink covered words are in his book: "Don't take the middle stair unless you want to go outside". Benedict keeps the head.

Into the Parlor they go. Its slowly filling with water. The water is coming from the waterfall on the far wall. The odd part is that the waterfall is a painting. Benedict tries to approach it, but it appears to flow more violently when one gets close. There is a very loud piano in the room, with sheet music.

Colin jumps from chair to chair above the water toward the painting. Despite the wickedly increased flow of water he's safe on the backs of the chairs and manages to pull the painting off the wall and the water stops.

In the connecting room all the animal heads on the walls (and there are many) are having loud conversations with each other. Except for the moose who is crying and blubbering about no one remembering his death day. The penguin tells Torri that he's heard that the moose isn't really dead. She plays the Death Day Song on the piano in the other room and the moose explodes out of the wall and goes running rampant through the bedrooms, thrilled that someone played the song for his death day. He leaves a huge hole in the wall behind him.

Through the hole are five stair cases. Benedict takes the middle stair as per the Snail's suggestion and finds him self in a fully stocked kitchen where he proceeds to prepare a wonderful stew out of the devil's head. Torri finds out some interesting facts about the Heart Queen from the lion and joins Benedict in the kitchen. The room shrinks a little. Torri and Benedict have a wonderful meal. Schmitt joins them and the room shrinks a little, but he soon passes through into the absurdly small dining room. He feels an unpleasant rumbling in his intestines, but he didn't have any of the stew.

Jack and Albert discover that the other stairs all seem to converge on a single exit back to where they started on the cliff. Apparently this is what the wooden sign in the grass was pointing at. Eventually they make it back to the animal head room. Jack finally gets a shred of information from the rabbit head about "false rabbits" moving through the area and Albert blasts the rabbit head with his revolver.

Schmitt finds a huge talking cat on the dining room table. All the landscape paintings on the walls appear to be moving. Theres a trapdoor into a pitch black shaft under the table, similar to the one under the stairs.

Benedict makes a new friend. He and the cat, who's name is Cheshire, seem to be getting along splendidly. Cheshire quite enjoys the stew. And a cup of tea. And the conversation. But the cat has duties to attend to. Cheshire says he'll see Benedict again soon, and he fades away.

Session 1 XP

Total For Session 1: 650XP


stomped a rose (rude little fucker): 5XP


pen and paper (doodle bunnies): 3XP

a wise choice (doctor’s clothes): 10XP

fancy attire (wow! pantaloons!): 50XP

the perfect outfit (now all I need is a hat): 75XP

scalpel (better than nothing): 2XP

bone-saw (might come in handy): 4XP

revolver (pull the trigger ‘till it goes “click”): 50XP

wooden sign (when in doubt, hit it in the head): 1XP


pocket watch (it works, just backwards): 100XP

parasol (a fine and practical accessory): 150XP


sophisticated gentlemen (doctor, doctor… glad i’m not sick): 100XP

why not even bigger?! (oh shit…): 25XP

giant mouse! (at least he didn’t pull the trigger): 25XP

fearless heroine (through the looking glass): 25XP

where did those rabbits go? (down the rabbit hole): 25XP

Through The Looking Glass
Session 1: Part 2 - The Adventure Begins

Eat Me, Drink Me…

The party stands on the other side of the mirror as the rose bushes consume the room they were just in. The sun rises and the mirror becomes… just a regular mirror. The reflection of the inside of the asylum turns out to be a cheap and somewhat poorly constructed facade. They are standing on a cliff edge jutting out of a shear rock wall overlooking a vast checkerboard landscape of overgrown gardens and angular rivers. There is no obvious way down.

Tori and Jack hear soft, high pitched voices speaking over a small hill to the east. Venturing over they discover a plain looking white bunny apparently engaged in conversation with a large brown hare, who aside from the glowing red eyes and unicorn horn, also seems quite normal. The rabbits are quite surprised and bolt down a hole in the ground.

Schmitt and Albert investigate a shoddy sign post in the ground to the west. It says "Wrong Way" with an arrow pointing directly down into the dirt. Albert discovers a vial of blue liquid hanging from a chain draped over the sign. Its about half full and has a tag on it reading "Drink Me". Schmitt examines it and realizes its probably not going to hurt him so he drinks. And immediately shrinks to the size of a grasshopper. Albert is quite upset. He can't abide mice.

Tori takes a moment to relax on her pillow and gaze up at the sky and her new-found freedom. The somewhat rectangular clouds are beautiful. Benedict and Dr. Mengle get to know each other and hit it off splendidly. Benedict is glad that there are so many other people he can eat before he has to kill the Doctor.

Jack is on a mission. He wants to find those bunnies. His drawings will be so much better if he can have a good look at real rabbits. It looks like Schmitt has found a way to fit down rabbit holes. Jack drinks, and runs for the hole.

Albert kicks the sign over. Whatever was it pointing to on the ground? Who cares, if those vampires come back he can bash them with the sign, and maybe stake them…

Schmitt takes a walk in the tall grass and meets a pompous caterpillar on a mushroom. The bug tells him that one side of the mushroom makes you big and the other makes you small. Schmitt thinks this could be very useful. Hes always wanted to be really, really big.

The "Doctors" have decided that climbing down would be quite impossible. Best follow Jack down the rabbit hole. Together they tackle Albert and force him to drink. They sneakily pour a drop onto Tori's lips. Then Benedict drinks. At about the same time Schmitt has regained normal size. He eats another bite of the big side and becomes gigantic. There is very little space on this ledge and Tori, before she is crushed, dives into the rabbit hole. Dr. Mengle follows, taking a sip just before he would have been brushed off the cliff side but a huge foot. Benedict follows.

Schmitt, realizing this might not have been the ideal choice, begins digging in the rabbit hole trying to recover the vial. Albert, who is trying to make it to the hole, is covered to his chest in a wave of dirt. Schmitt has dug down to the rock, but just can't reach the vial. Remembering where the mushroom is, he scoops up the earth and pops it in his mouth.

His head gets even bigger, and his feet get really small, then his head gets really small and his body gets big. After a few more oscillations he ends up normal sized just outside the hole, in quite a bit of pain, lying in his own vomit. Albert and Schmitt head down the hole.

Jack was way ahead. Down the hole, down the checkered stairs, through the door. What a fancy bedroom. A pocket watch to play with! Some very nice pantaloons and a puffy shirt! Through another door. A huge parlor with a piano. Its slowly filling with water. The water is coming from the waterfall. Weirdly, the waterfall is a painting. He doubts the rabbits came this way.

The Asylum
Session 1: Part 1 - Meet The Party

The time has come, the Walrus said…

Everyone has been eaten by vampires. Well, almost everyone. As dawn comes, six survivors of a weird and bloody massacre at Blackwell's Island Asylum in New York, scavenge what they can from the corpses of visitors, doctors and fellow inmates. The ones responsible for the carnage have escaped through a huge mirror into what appears to be a reflection of the asylum, but perfectly clean… no bodies?! From behind, a rather obnoxious and insulting rose bush grows to enormous proportions, consuming the building (as it had promised it would).

Tori, locked up for hysteria by those who felt threatened by her, finds a change of clothes and a very nice hat. If you'd asked her yesterday if she thought that rabbits could talk she would have said no. She's not really crazy after all. But maybe things don't work quite the way she thought… That little white bunny was talking. Far more interesting than the black cloaked murderers. This bears some looking in to, and she needs a way out of this awful place. Armed with her pillow and a fancy parasol, she escapes through the mirror.

Dr. Mengle, having a habit of self-medication, assumes its all just hallucination, so why not play along? It might even be more interesting than the electroshock experiments he was planning to finish up today. Its good to see that at least one other doctor is around to keep him company. Quite a sophisticated fellow too. A few patients have survived as well. Its a good thing he's here to help. He wheels his latest patient "Schmitt" through the mirror.

Jack… none of this is really surprising to him. People come and go, things change. Why do people spend so much time worrying? Certainly that flower that he stomped to death was a concern. It was very rude, and spit acid. But its dead now. The receptionist was nice. Its too bad shes lying dead in a pool of her own blood. Oh well. An inkwell and a fountain pen for drawing are always welcome. Those nasty roses are filling up all the spaces. There is, at least, an obvious path away from them.

Benedict doesn't understand this turn of events. But no doubt it will all become clear with more observation. Whatever was responsible for this feeding frenzy nearly killed him. Understandable. The taste of human flesh is quite compelling. A dead doctor's clothes and scalpels will do. What is this? One of the doctors survived? No concern. He's just one of the new transfers, a fascinating and pleasant fellow. If worse comes to worse he'll eat the doctor last.

Schmitt knows this building. He knows every building, just give him a moment to look around. The plumbing is obviously failing, and the structure isn't going to take too many more of these weird tremors. The load bearing assemblies in the north side will go first and when they do, best to be far away. If only he wasn't strapped to this bed. His new doctor isn't very nice. Electricity is ok but not when its coursing through your body. At least the doctor appears to be wheeling him out of here… These ceilings are made of substandard materials. Oh! Now he can see the sky!

Albert is awake. Things are hazy. Painful bites on his neck, but hes alive. Some others survived as well. Great, all lunatics by the look of it. Better play along. A doctor survived too. That guard wasn't so lucky. What was his name? No matter, he still has his revolver on him, and a couple of extra rounds. Those rose bushes don't look too friendly and it kind of feels like the building is going to fall out from under him. The crazies are walking through the mirror. Well you know what they say, "Buy the ticket, take the ride".


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