Through Blackwell's Glass

The Asylum

Session 1: Part 1 - Meet The Party

The time has come, the Walrus said…

Everyone has been eaten by vampires. Well, almost everyone. As dawn comes, six survivors of a weird and bloody massacre at Blackwell's Island Asylum in New York, scavenge what they can from the corpses of visitors, doctors and fellow inmates. The ones responsible for the carnage have escaped through a huge mirror into what appears to be a reflection of the asylum, but perfectly clean… no bodies?! From behind, a rather obnoxious and insulting rose bush grows to enormous proportions, consuming the building (as it had promised it would).

Tori, locked up for hysteria by those who felt threatened by her, finds a change of clothes and a very nice hat. If you'd asked her yesterday if she thought that rabbits could talk she would have said no. She's not really crazy after all. But maybe things don't work quite the way she thought… That little white bunny was talking. Far more interesting than the black cloaked murderers. This bears some looking in to, and she needs a way out of this awful place. Armed with her pillow and a fancy parasol, she escapes through the mirror.

Dr. Mengle, having a habit of self-medication, assumes its all just hallucination, so why not play along? It might even be more interesting than the electroshock experiments he was planning to finish up today. Its good to see that at least one other doctor is around to keep him company. Quite a sophisticated fellow too. A few patients have survived as well. Its a good thing he's here to help. He wheels his latest patient "Schmitt" through the mirror.

Jack… none of this is really surprising to him. People come and go, things change. Why do people spend so much time worrying? Certainly that flower that he stomped to death was a concern. It was very rude, and spit acid. But its dead now. The receptionist was nice. Its too bad shes lying dead in a pool of her own blood. Oh well. An inkwell and a fountain pen for drawing are always welcome. Those nasty roses are filling up all the spaces. There is, at least, an obvious path away from them.

Benedict doesn't understand this turn of events. But no doubt it will all become clear with more observation. Whatever was responsible for this feeding frenzy nearly killed him. Understandable. The taste of human flesh is quite compelling. A dead doctor's clothes and scalpels will do. What is this? One of the doctors survived? No concern. He's just one of the new transfers, a fascinating and pleasant fellow. If worse comes to worse he'll eat the doctor last.

Schmitt knows this building. He knows every building, just give him a moment to look around. The plumbing is obviously failing, and the structure isn't going to take too many more of these weird tremors. The load bearing assemblies in the north side will go first and when they do, best to be far away. If only he wasn't strapped to this bed. His new doctor isn't very nice. Electricity is ok but not when its coursing through your body. At least the doctor appears to be wheeling him out of here… These ceilings are made of substandard materials. Oh! Now he can see the sky!

Albert is awake. Things are hazy. Painful bites on his neck, but hes alive. Some others survived as well. Great, all lunatics by the look of it. Better play along. A doctor survived too. That guard wasn't so lucky. What was his name? No matter, he still has his revolver on him, and a couple of extra rounds. Those rose bushes don't look too friendly and it kind of feels like the building is going to fall out from under him. The crazies are walking through the mirror. Well you know what they say, "Buy the ticket, take the ride".


BloodRumpus BloodRumpus

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