Through Blackwell's Glass

Through The Looking Glass

Session 1: Part 2 - The Adventure Begins

Eat Me, Drink Me…

The party stands on the other side of the mirror as the rose bushes consume the room they were just in. The sun rises and the mirror becomes… just a regular mirror. The reflection of the inside of the asylum turns out to be a cheap and somewhat poorly constructed facade. They are standing on a cliff edge jutting out of a shear rock wall overlooking a vast checkerboard landscape of overgrown gardens and angular rivers. There is no obvious way down.

Tori and Jack hear soft, high pitched voices speaking over a small hill to the east. Venturing over they discover a plain looking white bunny apparently engaged in conversation with a large brown hare, who aside from the glowing red eyes and unicorn horn, also seems quite normal. The rabbits are quite surprised and bolt down a hole in the ground.

Schmitt and Albert investigate a shoddy sign post in the ground to the west. It says "Wrong Way" with an arrow pointing directly down into the dirt. Albert discovers a vial of blue liquid hanging from a chain draped over the sign. Its about half full and has a tag on it reading "Drink Me". Schmitt examines it and realizes its probably not going to hurt him so he drinks. And immediately shrinks to the size of a grasshopper. Albert is quite upset. He can't abide mice.

Tori takes a moment to relax on her pillow and gaze up at the sky and her new-found freedom. The somewhat rectangular clouds are beautiful. Benedict and Dr. Mengle get to know each other and hit it off splendidly. Benedict is glad that there are so many other people he can eat before he has to kill the Doctor.

Jack is on a mission. He wants to find those bunnies. His drawings will be so much better if he can have a good look at real rabbits. It looks like Schmitt has found a way to fit down rabbit holes. Jack drinks, and runs for the hole.

Albert kicks the sign over. Whatever was it pointing to on the ground? Who cares, if those vampires come back he can bash them with the sign, and maybe stake them…

Schmitt takes a walk in the tall grass and meets a pompous caterpillar on a mushroom. The bug tells him that one side of the mushroom makes you big and the other makes you small. Schmitt thinks this could be very useful. Hes always wanted to be really, really big.

The "Doctors" have decided that climbing down would be quite impossible. Best follow Jack down the rabbit hole. Together they tackle Albert and force him to drink. They sneakily pour a drop onto Tori's lips. Then Benedict drinks. At about the same time Schmitt has regained normal size. He eats another bite of the big side and becomes gigantic. There is very little space on this ledge and Tori, before she is crushed, dives into the rabbit hole. Dr. Mengle follows, taking a sip just before he would have been brushed off the cliff side but a huge foot. Benedict follows.

Schmitt, realizing this might not have been the ideal choice, begins digging in the rabbit hole trying to recover the vial. Albert, who is trying to make it to the hole, is covered to his chest in a wave of dirt. Schmitt has dug down to the rock, but just can't reach the vial. Remembering where the mushroom is, he scoops up the earth and pops it in his mouth.

His head gets even bigger, and his feet get really small, then his head gets really small and his body gets big. After a few more oscillations he ends up normal sized just outside the hole, in quite a bit of pain, lying in his own vomit. Albert and Schmitt head down the hole.

Jack was way ahead. Down the hole, down the checkered stairs, through the door. What a fancy bedroom. A pocket watch to play with! Some very nice pantaloons and a puffy shirt! Through another door. A huge parlor with a piano. Its slowly filling with water. The water is coming from the waterfall. Weirdly, the waterfall is a painting. He doubts the rabbits came this way.


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