Through Blackwell's Glass

Session 1 XP


Total For Session 1: 650XP


stomped a rose (rude little fucker): 5XP


pen and paper (doodle bunnies): 3XP

a wise choice (doctor’s clothes): 10XP

fancy attire (wow! pantaloons!): 50XP

the perfect outfit (now all I need is a hat): 75XP

scalpel (better than nothing): 2XP

bone-saw (might come in handy): 4XP

revolver (pull the trigger ‘till it goes “click”): 50XP

wooden sign (when in doubt, hit it in the head): 1XP


pocket watch (it works, just backwards): 100XP

parasol (a fine and practical accessory): 150XP


sophisticated gentlemen (doctor, doctor… glad i’m not sick): 100XP

why not even bigger?! (oh shit…): 25XP

giant mouse! (at least he didn’t pull the trigger): 25XP

fearless heroine (through the looking glass): 25XP

where did those rabbits go? (down the rabbit hole): 25XP


BloodRumpus BloodRumpus

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